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British Science Week

An interesting event is going on this science week, read below for more details. 

Source: Steve Gaskin BSc(Hons) PGCE creator of What Lurks Beneath

British Science Week 2015 takes place between the 13th-22nd March 2015.

We have designed a fantastic activity just for your students; called


"What Lurks Beneath".

It is a highly kinaesthetic activity, which will have your students learning and having good fun.Students from 5-16 years can participate. The pack contains three activities: What Lurks Beneath your:- fingers, feet, fabric/fibres.The whole idea is for students not to take objects for granted, but investigate and get under the surface!

Students will use: fingerprint brushes/powder, a simple to use
x 400 microscope which plugs into a "smart board" etc. In addition, students will explore their feet prints (not attempted in UK school before). Finally, we have designed a real-life investigation, involving hair and fibres.

As always the activities are differentiated, to cater for all abilities.
We have just launched a special website

on this website to register an interest and see further information.

There are three packs to suit any school budget. Don't forget to insert your special Discount Code "WLB 101" You will receive a complimentary box of CSI gloves(costing £5)

Last year we ran a "World Record Attempt to Identify Unknown Fingerprints" over 18000 students participated and as a result we were able to make a donation of £1000 to both CLIC Sargent and Foodbank. This year the charities are:- Barnardos and Save The Children

Our firm have been supplying award winning science experiences to schools for the past 8 years to see our wider experiences please see our main website

We received this information from the creator of What Lurks Beneath
Tel:- 0207 1676 177

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