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About Us

Pulse and Water College is an independent school, for learners at key stages 3 and 4 who require small group learning.


"We build resilience in our students, we aim for our students to develop self control from within and not to be controlled from without"

- Temi Ladenika, Principal



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School Trip to PGL

During summer 2015, students and friends from Pulse and Water College went to PGL for a weekend of outdoors activities. Thankfully the rain held off so, in the beautiful sunshine, the students could gain valuable skills in leadership and working with others. Students used teamwork to complete the challenges given to them, this trip saw some students flourish in a way they did even know they could. 

This was the first weekend trip at Pulse and Water College; it has been so encouraging and confidence building that we plan on giving students the opportunity to attend this trip every year.

Maximising Potential