PSF Coordinator Seminar

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PSF Coordinator role

This role suits a forward thinking and dedicated teacher within the school who is ready for middle/senior management responsibility. A PSF Coordinator would be a good classroom practitioner and will have good communication and interpersonal skills. They will have an interest in the progress of the school and their colleagues. 

What will a PSF Coordinator (PC) do? A PC is an in-house teacher development coordinator who is trained free of charge by Pulse and Water to deliver our in house training within each PSF school.  

Your school's PC will receive free annual training as long as membership is kept fully up to date. Your PC is a point of contact between your school and Pulse & Water to facilitate all aspects of your membership. 

Benefits of being a school PSF PC

  • An opportunity to develop own skills and knowledge in managing people further. Experience as a school leader\manager.
  • Experience and training as a staff trainer
  • Experience of developing and maintaining international school partnerships
  • Development of a proven track record in implementation of initiatives
  • Free training in Lagos